Save the world Kid


Bastion is an epic experience, there really isn’t anything else to say about this title that changes the way you view story telling in games.

Bastion has seen several releases across multiple platforms and formats from the Xbox 360 to the Ps4 and just about everything in between starting in 2011. The game follows the adventures of the Kid as he strives to repair the Bastion a floating safe haven from the events of The Calamity. This plot is very basic but its pulled off so well with the addition of the narrator who really does seem to narrate every move you make, from just standing still to even dying , the story that is being told is being shaped as you play its an awesome experience and like nothing I’ve ever played.

Graphically Bastion shines and the Ps4 overhaul has done wonders to breath even more life and color into the wonderfully vivid world. This game is almost like playing a picture book . I loved the animation for the enemies and the way the world literally comes together under your feet. The world is so bright its like playing a picture book with fantastic creatures to tame and massive boss fights , all while listening to one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in an indy game.

The controls are simplistic yet deep, using a twin joystick set up to aim and move while working in the shoulder buttons and triggers to use abilities and potions , it takes only a few minutes to get used to the learning curve but it takes several play throughs to master each level , There are also weapon and ability specific challenges that help you to learn each of the many weapons in the game, and mastering these is essential to your survival.

Overall Bastion is a top tier indy game and should not be passed up , with the next gen version appearing there is no excuse to not play this game.


The Verdict


The Good: Beautiful Graphics
Innovative narration
Amazing sound track

The Bad: Minor glitches
Simple story

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