Call of Duty : Black Ops 3

Call of Duty : Black Ops 3

The train blew up

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151109021250

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151109021250

Well its another year so that means another Call Of Duty, this time around we get to venture back into the Black Ops story, this time we jump 40 years a head of the last game. This futuristic approach to war is an interesting look at where we could be heading, unfortunately its full of rehashed ideas and a grab bag of every futuristic based war game out there.

Graphically this Call of Duty is amazing, the set pieces are beautifully done, the particle and lighting effects are top notch, the more open map really allows for a much more vibrant game than in other entries in the series. This is because of the drastically modified IW engine, and while very beautiful the engine is showing its age.  Some of my favorite effect are of course the explosions all of which have this violent rage built into their gloriously short bursts of flame and light , I would find my self with a sickly grin on my face as I blew some poor cannon fodder up watching their bodies ragdoll through the air.

Call of Duty : Black Ops III seems to have an issue finding its own identity , its a mix bag of every future war game under the sun , I fought walking battle tanks, augmented soldiers , even sat in the gunner seat of a Massive troop transport that honestly looked oddly like a type of pig. while borrowing plotlines and gimmicks from other games isn’t a bad thing as long as they work, however all I could do was be reminded that there are games that do everything Black Ops III did , but they do it better. Even the coveted Zombie mode has been done better in other games and its starting to show. The one thing I did like was the leveling system for my augments and abilities , my favorite of these was the incendiary nano bug swarm, nothing funnier than watching a group of enemies running around flailing at what looks like a swarm of bees as they burst into flames.

The biggest draw that Call of Duty has is of course its multiplayer , with the more open environments in the story mode it takes full advantage of  the four player co-op mode . Zombies returns with its two story modes , both of which are alright but if you are looking for something better you can pick up any number of zombie themed fps. The new momentum movement system is really fun to play around with in multi player , running off walls all while having full gun control makes for some really fun fire fights. In addition to the pick ten class system Call of Duty : Black Ops III introduced a Specialist system as well where you can find more focused characters with more specific load outs for situations. Multiplayer has always been the best part of COD games , but honestly its not enough to make me want to shell out sixty bucks every year.

Call of Duty : Black Ops III does a lot of things right , my only real issue with the game is that it feels like the last few Call of Duty games , it doesn’t do anything to push the series forward or give a really compelling reason to pick it up out side of the online multiplayer. While a fun pick up and play title the lack of real substance to the game is very disappointing in this era of first person shooters. Call of Duty is a very love or hate series and this is no exception , if you love the series this will be your new favorite game ever until next year , if you hate the series this entry wont sway you to the cause. My one big hope is that Activision sees that the series is starting to show its age and can change it be fore it gets much more stagnant.

The Verdict


The Good: Fast paced Multiplayer
Amazing Graphics
Intriguing Scifi plot

The Bad: Stale gameplay
Generic plot points
Low replay ( campaign mode)

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