Senran Kagura : Estival Versus

Senran Kagura : Estival Versus

Buxom Ninja Battle


The busty girls of Senran Kagura are back in all their buxom glory with Senran Kagura : Estival Versus. This time the girls are whisked away to an alternate reality where loved ones from their past are waiting to be sent to the next life, and if that paper thin plot wasn’t enough to get your attention the mass amounts of T&A should keep your attention , so lets get started.

The girls are taken to an alternate reality where time on earth stands still as long as they are there, its here that they find some of their loved ones are stuck in this sort of purgatory. The girls have to face off against each other while trying to unravel why they are there and saying their finally good byes to their lost loved ones. The simplistic summary of the story doesn’t do it justice, yes this is a simple game that really relies on the buxom beauties battling it out as their clothes fall off , but if you can look past that and some of the really weird moments like the odd incestuous twins who take the whole Bdsm angle to a new level. This is a story of loss and grieving , there is a lot of moments that are lighter and break up the serious tone of the later chapters. The Shinobi Hearts Missions are back and add some much needed comic relief to the game but unlick the last batch of Heart missions these aren’t broken up with story and you have to pay attention to what is being said as your fighting so it can get very distracting at times.

There is no real way to review this game without coming across really perverted , luckily I have no issues with that. This game is really beautiful and I don’t just mean the gratuitous amounts of boobs or butts constantly in your face or the light bdsm . Really though this game is leaps ahead of other games in the series graphically the different stages are beautiful and well laid out, the beaches and resort areas are bright and sunny , the forest areas let the light and shadow dance around the stage, the red glow from the volcanic area is some of the best source lighting I’ve seen in an anime game. the girls themselves are wonderfully designed and clean looking compared to earlier games that left them looking pixilated at times although the pysics of . My biggest gripe with the game is the insane reuse of the stages , sure adding a night and day to them is great but using the same stages over and over and over makes some missions unbelievably dull.

So here is the down side , the combat is a button mashers dream , and honestly in a game about highly skilled female shinobi its a massive disappointment , I would have loved to see more out of this game than mash until the boss shows up. I do like how most of the girls have different feels to them , however it seems like each academy has the same 5 types , from the melee type to the ranged attack type. The other massive down side is the cannon fodder, I mean I get having pallet swaps and what not but this was a bit ridiculous , and the levels of fodder they toss at you is crazy , and the A.I. becomes insanely predictable.  The online battles are entertaining when they work, the different game modes are standard multiplayer modes  like free for all , queen of the hill and capture the bra.

While this is the best game in the series it isn’t with out some of the flaws of the other games, huge plot holes and a lack luster combat system , that being said the graphics and story have improved a lot over the pervious entries . If you’re looking for a deep ninja game this probably isn’t for you , however if your looking for something fun and to indulge your inner perv  then this is totally the game for you ( and me ) .

The Verdict


The Good: Beautiful graphics
A well crafted story

The Bad: basic combat system
reused cannon fodder

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